Handy wrist wallet with zipper


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Keep the phone and cards literally in the palm of your hands!
This useful sleeve will keep the credit card, important papers and even your mobile device attached. Perfect for those long walks in the open.
With the sewn zipper you can be sure your personal belongings will be safe at within eye distance at all times.

Great to Know:

 The game changer: While other running armbands or wrist wallets are bulky or uncomfortable fit due to fabric, our travel wrist wallet takes a totally different approach by giving you ultimate comfort with our lightweight performance fabric that is Velcro free and can fit almost any phone.
 Multi-functional: Whether you are running, hiking or simply visiting the market of a nearby country you will find this wrist wallet to be the perfect solution to safely transport money and other important valuables.
 Convenient: The flexible fabric stays firmly in place so you won’t have to pull, tug or readjust while maintaining your active traveling lifestyle.
 A problem solver: No more chaffing, no more Velcro, no more pinched skin, no more slipping, sliding or banging! You will love how easy this armband is to slip on and off.


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