Easy to inflate and fold frontal pillow for travel

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Inflate to use it and deflate to store it. Quick and simple!
An innovation in comfort! This pillow allows to use your mobile device while resting your chest and neck, how convenient is that?
Put your face and hands into the holes to enjoy your favorite movie or game on the plain.
When fully inflated you can also hug it you sleep on it. Excellent to save space since you won't need to recline your seat.
Like we mentioned earlier you are able to remove the air from it once used to put it back in your travel bag. Bulky hard-to-carry pillows never again.


Great to Know:

✔ Ergonomic design: The shape of this pillow is designed for cervical comfort. It can effectively alleviate the fatigue of the lumbar spine and cervical spine.

✔ Easy to inflate: It can be inflated in up to 30 seconds and be deflated within seconds. Also prevents the spread of bacteria by mouth blowing to prevent any disease propagation.

✔ Lightweight and compact: A portable design that will allow you to carry it with ease everywhere.

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